Student Reports: Add Evidence for Each Subject

Student Reports: Add Evidence for Each Subject

This guide is part of Student Reports: Edit draft student reports guide. In this article you will find a step by step guide to adding evidence to your draft reports.

Evidence brings student reports to life, engaging parents and their child to celebrate success and inspiring conversations about learning. 

That's why Learning Ladders student reports allow teachers to add evidence for every subject; picture an image of a student mastering fractions, an audio file of a student grasping new vocabulary or a video of learning in action. 

There's an option for all, whether you have already experienced the benefits of uploading evidence against assessments throughout the year, or you have new evidence to upload for reports.

Note: You will only see 'Include Evidence' and 'Include student comment evidence' if your admin user has enabled this custom feature in settings. Please contact your school's admin user to request this functionality.

Which file types can be used as evidence?

Follow these steps to add a piece of evidence to your reports:

  1. In the subject section of a report, click the 'Show Evidence' button

    2. Choose from existing evidence (see upload evidence against an assessment) or to 'Upload a new one'. 

 If uploading a new piece of evidence, either drag& drop the file or click 'Upload' to choose a file from your device. Click 'Use' to include the evidence against the subject.

If you have any questions about using evidence in student reports, contact the team at

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